OptroMech specializes in providing state-of-the-art mechanical design and consuling services for various industries.

We excel in designing precision mechanisms (motorized and static) for a large variety of products and industries. We believe that investing time in the design process, as well as giving thought to assembly and manufacturing will save time and money later on in the product life cycle. Our unique approach consists of simplicity and elegance, while we strive to find the best solutions for the each demanding mechanical challenge.

OptroMech is in the process of being an ISO certified company, and is working with Solid-Works and Solid-Edge, the most up-to-date 3D design tools.
By combining top-notch mechanical design with responsive approach, we are
the ideal partner for any company that has a challenging opto-mechanical requirement.


Introduced in 2004 by Ziv Goren – a mechanical designer with specific expertise in electro-optical accurate assemblies, Optromech originally started as an electro-optical assembly house.

Not long after, our customers started to integrate us in the design process itself.
From that point – it was just a small stride to become a fully capable opto-mechanical design house. By early 2013, Optromech has successfully completed over 150 different projects, mostly accurate zoom/focus mechanisms, rightfully claiming its title
A Premium Mechanical Design Center for the Optronics and Electro-Optics Industries.


Over the years, we have gained knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of areas, focusing on accurate mechanisms and opto-mechanical systems, such as: Zoom lenses (continuous and stepped), fixed-focal lenses (A-thermalized, motorized and simple), PTU and XYZ stages, Fixtures, Jigs, Assembly accessories, and more.

In addition we develop our line of products, constantly innovating and challenging ourselves to find better solutions, by combining demanding designs with cost reduction requirements.

That experience translates into shorter and fewer R&D cycles, reducing Time to Market!


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